Thursday, January 24, 2013

thoughts on achievement

[photo taken in munich, germany in august of 2011]

Achievement is such a fickle and funny word, is it not?

What is achievement, really? What is it based upon? Happiness? Accomplishment? But then, what is accomplishment? Having a 'successful' career (again, an ambiguous term)? Having lots of education and many degrees? Having a happy family and home?

Is it person to person? But then, how can we judge our achievements? Or is that even something we are supposed to do? If that is the case, how on earth can we determine success from one person to the next?

And what determines how fruitful we will be in our endeavours towards achievement? Intelligence? Heart? Work ethic?

Too many questions, not enough answers.

I'm sure this is a train of thought that many people struggle with, not just me. But sometimes I wonder if it is just me. What a selfish thing to think, in a sense.

Personally, I struggle with the idea of achievement as it relates to accomplishment and education. As somebody who pursued a University degree, I have many friends who did the same. Some of those friends went on to successful jobs immediately thereafter and some decided to pursue further education. Very few have fallen into the boat of neither accomplishment. If further education isn't what I want, or ever wanted (except, perhaps, law school. another issue altogether.), why do I feel so inferior towards my friends who wanted these things and pursued them? Is it because I know I wouldn't be able to get into a graduate program, even if I did want it? Or even if I could get in, would I still feel this way? Why do I even care? My friends are still the same people they ever were, and while their knowledge may have increased, their being shouldn't have. I think.

Are these thoughts that I would be having had I not had such amazing, ambitious friends?

Why is it that I feel bad about myself just because I haven't figured out what I want to do with my life at the age of 23? Aren't there so many more people who haven't figured this out? Why does everybody I know seem to have figured this out? Why are they all on course to accomplish these goals?

Where did I fall off the boat?

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  1. Sometimes looking at the big picture can be a bit overwhelming. We're all so different. I'm sure you are on the track that you are supposed to be travelling on. x


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